The Tai Chi Champion

America’s T’ai Chi Champion

David-Dorian Ross is one of the most prolific T’ai Chi athletes in America. He is 7-time US national Gold medalist, World Silver medalist and 2-time World Bronze medalist. These are the highest awards ever given to an American T’ai Chi athlete in international competition.

David-Dorian has also competed in many non-tai chi martial arts tournament throughout the United States, winning many regional and national gold medals while competing against many stylists in the hard martial arts. David-Dorian was one of the first to compete with T’ai Chi against karate styles in American martial arts tournaments.

In 2008, at age 51 (and after 15 years retirement), he attended the US national Olympic team trials. At that competition, he was awarded the highest technical marks in the tournament for excellence in T’ai Chi form.