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Videos and TV and Books (Oh My!)
In 1995, David-Dorian and his protégé CJ McPhee created and starred in a 13-part PBS series called tai chi in paradise. Filmed on location in Hawaii, this series was called “one of the most beautiful and popular how-to exercise programs ever produced for public television.” It aired on PBS stations all across the US, and can still sometimes be seen on classic public television programming.

Since that time, David-Dorian has written and/or starred in more than a dozen award-winning video programs, including Gaiam’s T’ai Chi Beginners Program – the all-time best-selling T’ai Chi video in America. He has won multiple Aegis and Telly awards for educational video excellence. He has been featured on exercise TV, and can now be seen on Gaiam TV via the Internet.

David-Dorian has also been a prolific writer on the subject of T’ai Chi and holistic mind/body health. His books include The T’ai Chi Companion workbook series; Power, Freedom and Flow; Exercising the Soul – Essays on the Secrets of Tai Chi; and The Yoga Teachers Toolkit. David-Dorian is currently working on an updated re-release of the Tai Chi Companion workbook, utilizing new publishing technology to create e-books that combine text with interactive graphics and video.

In 2010, David-Dorian produced the first ever live coverage of World Tai Chi Day. This global event is celebrated in more than 70 countries and several hundred cities across the globe. In the past, the only way that people could witness the celebrations in other parts of the world was to wait for postings on YouTube. David-Dorian recruited a cohort of volunteers to use cell phones and video cameras to stream their events live via the Internet. The show was called “24 Hours of World Peace,” and for the first time T’ai Chi players in China could see how people celebrated T’ai Chi in places like Hungary or South America – live, as it happened.

David-Dorian is currently preparing for a new primetime PBS special to air this fall during pledge week. Called The Tao of Harmony, the show is about the way that T’ai Chi practice can enhance our personal and spiritual development.