Now you can take classes from a recognized Master Instructor regardless of where you live. All our classes are live, via two-way video. Qi(squared) is the world’s first “internet Taiji (Tai Chi) school.” Using state-of-the-art livestream technology, students and instructors can see each other, and all the students are able to see each other as well.

Our  teaching style is very “hands-on” – personal, interactive and intense, but with a high degree of joy and playfulness. Qi(squared) is a training hall for those who want to embark on the journey of learning what Taiji tradition has to teach us about life, health, relationship and the universe. We are a mindfulness laboratory, exploring the future of what Taiji can become in the 21st century and beyond.


Qi(squared) is a traditional martial arts school, teaching Classical Taijiquan in a very non-traditional way. In our school, we use a method called TaijiFit™ – a system created by Master Instructor David-Dorian Ross. Using this method, you unconsciously learn our classical routines. Along with the TaijiFit practice, each class is an exploration of the Principles of Taiji, the inner teachings of the Internal Arts, the nuances of the movement techniques – and individual lessons and adjustments. We have a full curriculum of forms in both Yang and Chen style, as well as weapons (like sword and fan) and Push Hands.

In addition to our martial arts classes, we also have a mindfulness program at Qi(squared). We teach classes in meditation – both standing and sitting. And above all our program is based on following the philosophy of Harmony and Balance.


The Mission of the Academy is to use the ancient Mindfulness practices of the Traditional Internal Arts to help you become a better person inside – and not just be better at martial arts. Because better people make a better world.


Full/Online Student – $99/month

  • Enrollment in all live classes (you’re able to come at any class)
  • Access to all recordings of the live classes
  • Access to all pre-recorded Taiji Courses

Offline Only Student – $25/month

  • Access to all of the above EXCEPT live classes
  • Offline students are encouraged to attend classes every month during Open House


All class times are listed in Pacific timezone

7:00 AM - Wu Wei Methods
8:00 AM - Sword Methods

3:30 PM - Yang Style Methods

1:15 PM - Chen Style Methods

11:00 AM - Sword Methods